9 Best ‘Mobdro’ Alternatives In 2023

Mobdro is a service that provides TV entertainment such as movies, sports, music, animals, anime, gaming, shows, spiritual, news, etc. live for all Android device users. The app is not available on google play as the users have to download it from its website directly only.

The content released live consists of 10 major languages of more than 25 countries across the globe. Users can download the content with a proper internet connection to enjoy watching it offline. It is not completely safe to use this app because if it was safe, it would have been included in the google play store.

The users also face issues while streaming online. Certain countries have blocked this website due to legal infringement issues due to which the traffic has reduced and currently the app is not active for the users to use. There are other alternatives of mobdro for the users such as:

9 Best Mobdro Alternatives In 2023

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1) Oreo TV

It is one trending application used to stream live entertainment content such as movies, series, music, games, anime, news, documentaries, shows, etc. for all the Android users on any device with many features similar to Netflix, amazon prime video, Hulu, etc. for free of cost to all the users.

Currently, the app is allowed in several countries such as India, the United States, and the United Kingdom allowing the users to access the content up to 6000 International television channels anytime, with a basic internet connection in hand.


It is an application that streams the content of tv entertainment such as drama, sports, movies, shows, music, games, news, etc. on Android devices. To access the app, users initially have to download an APK file on their device be it a smartphone, pc, or tablet after which the app can be downloaded.

The app is currently allowed to be active in several countries such as India, Australia, Europe, South America, Canada, European countries, the United States, and the United Kingdom. The app is not safe for users to access because it is a third-party website.

Any third-party website is not safe to browse without secure software to protect the device and personal information of the respective user. Users are recommended to use a VPN or antivirus software for browsing through this website.

3) 123 TV

It is an online streaming source that provides the content of movies, tv shows, series, sports, and news coverage about more than 80 tv channels. The website is designed simply with an easy interface focusing on providing the contents to the users with unlimited features for the best viewing experience.

The contents can be accessed for free of cost, however, the website is not legal and safe, mainly it is a third-party source that directly recommends the users to not rely on this without a safe software or source for their device and network connection. It is known as one of the most active pirated websites in the United Kingdom.

4) Thop TV

It is a streaming website that provides the content of more than 3000 television channels inclusive of movies, series, music, games, anime, sports, shows, etc. as an online platform for free of cost to all its users. Over the years, the website has grown through its features, service, and interface that it gained more than one lakh, active viewers, in a short period.

It became popular because it released content that was also there on Netflix, amazon prime, Hulu, Voot, Hotstar, etc. The site has been shut down several times and has few legal complaints because of which users feel it is not safe to stream or browse.

5) TVCatchup

It is one of the online streaming service providers of television content that was launched in the year 2007 only for the viewers of the United Kingdom for free of cost. The website has a dark mode theme background that attracts the users and has a simple interface for the best condition of the user’s experience, making it accessible on desktops, pc, tablets, and smartphones.

It is mainly recommended for Android users as it suits the software better. The television channels such as BBC, Chanel 4, ITV, Chanel 5, etc. expanded their content-providing network through this website that has been successful in the initial years. The site was asked to be shut down and winded up in legal manners in the year 2015 but, that has not kept the site away from being active.


It is a website that is seen as a Live TV streaming the contents of more than 80 tv channels exclusively for the home country, the United States viewers, free of cost. All that one user needs to have is a device to access the site with a decent internet connection to maintain network stability. The specialty of the website is that, it does not provide any advertisements most of the time and even if it does.

It is to a very minimal rate when compared to other online entertainment streaming websites. Other features of the site are the buffer-free streaming facility without a high-speed internet connection, quick page load speed, easy to locate searches of the users, simple accessible interface and portable video player used to stream, etc.

7) Kodi

It is a media operating software provider that was launched in the year 2004 by XMBC Foundation, highly recommended for Android device users. The software allows users to view files of a different format for streaming entertainment content such as movies, series, games, sports, news, documentaries, etc.

It is completely safe and legal to use this software, the reason why it is available in the google play store. Not only the Android users can use but even iOS users can also use it because this software is compatible with Android, Microsoft, iOS, Linux, macOS, and FreeBSD. As an additional feature of this software, users can use it to control a device like a remove controller for accessing experience.

8) Youtube TV

It is the popular online streaming service that delivers the service Live TV for all its customers across the globe owned by Youtube, founded in the year 2017. It publishes the material of more than 80 television network channels live and garnered recognition due of its brand since the start. It may be immediately browsed using a smartphone or smart tv without a cable connection.

The materials it covers on its site beginning from kids’ channels, news channels, sports channels, music channels, movies, series and tv shows, etc. The site is entirely safe and legal to use for all the users but unlike other streaming websites, youtube tv is a paid streaming service site.

9) Sling TV

Sling TV was created in the year 2015 as a service provider of entertainment media such as movies, series, news, sports, tv shows, games, etc. released live in the relevant television channels such as ESPN, CNBC, Disney, Comedy Central, TNT, IFC, etc.

It is a paid source and offers numerous premium packages which the users may choose as per their requirements. It is a popular application in the United States as it is owned by Dish Network, one of the known network service providers in the country.

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Swift Streams, Live Net TV, Pluto TV, Firestick TV, Tea TV, Cyberflix TV, and other alternatives to mobdro include Swift Streams, Live Net TV, Pluto TV, Firestick TV, Tea TV, and Cyberflix TV.

The majority of the alternatives can be accessed via software programmes or websites. Today, everyone is focused on offering live television content without any buffering issues or legal complications.

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