‘JustDubs’ Alternatives For Dubbed Anime

JustDubs is one of the most popular anime streaming sites, with a wealth of comedy content. It includes episodes that have been translated into English for those who do not speak Japanese. JustDubs is one of the most popular websites for watching anime and manga online, and its popularity continues to grow.

It is absolutely free and has some fantastic search features in its collection, as well as content worth thousands of hours. Unfortunately, several countries have blocked JustDubs due to strong legal rules or piracy-related difficulties.

Because the platform is not available in most areas, numerous JustDubs alternatives will suffice. If there are any problems accessing these sites in their local location, people can use VPN networks for these sites.

Watch English Dubbed Anime in 2023: 13 Best Alternatives

The following is a list of 13 excellent options to enable anime lovers view their favourite shows even when the most popular anime streaming service, JustDubs, is unavailable.

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1) Anime Kiss

This prime streaming platform for anime shows should be known to otaku, or simply anime lovers. Kiss Anime is a popular service that compares favourably to JustDubs in terms of quality, library material, and user interface. It has a high-quality user interface, a unique dark-theme-oriented website, and a low number of ad clicks.

KissAnime offers all of the latest dubbed anime, and its high-speed streaming servers make the viewing experience even better. Although the non-dubbed stuff at Kiss Anime is more expensive than the dubbed content, they are quite consistent in releasing translated episodes.

From Naruto to DragonBall Z, Kiss Anime has it all, as well as the latest Anime World trends and recommendations. There are various more mirror streaming sites in case their primary server goes down. The Animes can also be downloaded and viewed later.

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2) AnimeStreams

Anime Stream provides a tonne of content available to binge-watch all night. Despite its unappealing UI, it is a good choice for anime fans because to its extensive anime library. The video quality is excellent, and the new dubbed anime episodes may be seen and enjoyed.

It also contains Anime from the 1990s, which is hard to come by on other websites. Ads or pop-ups can be a minor annoyance that can be avoided by turning off cookies and activating an ad blocker before continuing to the web for uninterrupted anime viewing.

New films have also been added on the platform, focusing not just on anime but also on other Hollywood blockbusters. The content is all divided into genres for the customer’s convenience.

3) AnimeUltima

Among the new sites with good quality, content, and interface, AnimeUltima is the best pick. It provides a diverse selection of entertainment, including Pokemon, Digimon, and Beyblade, with all episodes dubbed and streamed in high definition.

It has somewhat updated its domains and loads by redirection in some regions; but, once set up, it functions flawlessly. By turning off browser cookies, one can even prevent adverts throughout the streaming.

Users can enter their favourite episodes and exchange theories about them in the AnimeUltima community forum. After proper monitoring, one can also contribute to their site as a content provider. On this website, several individuals have manga scans. The website’s search features are excellent, and its vast collection of content is available for free.

4) AnimeLand

With premium features and a superb site design, Anime Land is a great alternative to JustDubs, and it has its own loyal following. It contains an integrated media player that was created specifically for the platform and gives premium-quality videos to its customers. The site is also very user-friendly on both desktops and mobile devices.

The platform offers a variety of features, including a Google-customized search box and material that is properly classified into genres. Users will be able to see what kind of content they can access from the website as a result of this.

The web’s quality is fantastic, in addition to its excellent streaming functionality.

Anime Land also offers 4k quality content and even 1080p episodes for select episodes to its customers. This feature isn’t widely used by other websites running on similar systems.

5) AnimePlanet

The site is a gold mine for both new and classic anime content. One may quickly connect to the website and create a list of their favourite anime series, which they can then download or stream right from their website, complete with high-quality features. The refurbished model on the site is truly fantastic and has exceptional functionality.

Surprisingly, the anime industry has backed this website by giving it streaming rights to the majority of its content. A short synopsis of the episode will appear whenever the pointer is placed on any anime series.

Users can also create a wish list on Anime-Planet, which they can add to and watch later. It’s similar to having a playlist of one’s favourite anime series and episodes.

6) AnimeHeros

The site’s most well-known features are HD anime episodes and ad-free viewing. Although opponents argue that their former domain was more classy, Anime Heros is quite proud of its current premium site interface. The material library has grown so large that it now competes with sites like Kiss Anime and Watch Dubs.

Users can search for episodes of Naruto Shippuden and Even Boruto (Naruto Next Generations), which aren’t available on most anime streaming sites. The search option is useful, and it blends quite nicely with the genre category.

7) Crunchyroll

CrunchyRoll is an all-encompassing website that provides the most up-to-date information and updates on all things Anime. CrunchyRoll is now one of the biggest names in anime streaming, with a lot of help and support from the manga community. It contains a wide number of scanned manga scans in addition to an amazing selection of anime series and episodes.

You can also try out their premium services, which are often provided for free to select users. Take advantage of paying membership benefits such as pre-anime launch download services.

Their news site informs anime enthusiasts about the latest developments in the business, as well as new episodes and series. It’s no surprise that this site has thousands of followers all across the world.

8) AnimeHeaven

Anime Heaven is very proud of its extensive content, which is sure to entice all anime aficionados. A simple dark-themed site layout, functional search capabilities, and a large content collection are enough to attract the anime community’s attention. Rare-stocked episodes of internationally acclaimed anime series such as Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, and Dragon Ball are eligible for premium digital quality.

Users can browse the dubbed, non-dubbed, and available series and episodes on the site. Events can be scheduled or added to a watchlist. It also offers a “Popular Today” section where visitors may click to watch the day’s most popular episodes.

9) GoGoAnime

GoGo Anime, a portal run by an Indian company, offers high-quality material and a great user experience. It includes a built-in media player as well as mirror sites, a dark-themed, yellowish-tinged website that allows users to download their favourite content.

Anime episodes or mangas that are popular in India are routinely added, along with high-quality, downloadable features. Crayon Shin Chan, Doraemon, Naruto, and Dragon Ball Z, which are immensely popular among Indian anime lovers, are available till the last programme at a 1080p streaming quality.

New users can also sign up to receive the most recent updates from the most recent launch sequence, as well as early access to all of them through premium membership.

10) YouTube

YouTube contains a wide variety of videos from around the world. Anime is frequently mentioned in this context. However, content access is restricted due to copyright issues. Individual users frequently post downloaded content to their YouTube channels in order to monetize it through advertisements.

Users can simply look for anime on YouTube and, with luck, find dubbed anime episodes.

11) Netflix

Netflix has one of the most extensive collections of animations, shows, and anime from around the world. Series from the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Korea, China, and other countries are included in the list.

Although Netflix requires conventional subscriptions to utilise because there is no free streaming video available, the richness of their content more than makes up for the cost. Netflix Kids has a great selection of high-quality shows that are still available on streaming apps.

12) AnimeRebel

Anime Rebel delivers a revolution with its outstanding content library and impressive user interface. It’s compatible with almost all streaming devices that have browsers turned on. There is a wide range of stuff available, including unedited films and top grade anime episodes.

It truly has one-of-a-kind and one-of-a-kind content in each of its genres. Episodes like Haikyuuu and Listeners are adds to an otherwise magnificent and vast archive of entertainment.

13) BestDubbedAnime

When it comes to delivering a curated list of the greatest quality video at 1080p and 4k standard, BestDubbedAnime, or DBA, is considered the best. Users can sign up for the new community forum and engage in discussions with other anime fans about their favourite series and episodes by creating an account on the website.

The website’s appearance is neat and contains a useful feature. Recent episodes, fresh releases, and alphabet-based material (ascending to descending) can also be found.

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The options for watching anime stuff on the list above are good. They are legitimately good alternatives to JustDubs, and the majority of them even feature legal content. They don’t represent a threat to digital piracy, which is illegal in some countries.

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