How To Fix ‘NVIDIA Control Panel Missing’ in Windows 10

The NVIDIA logo on your laptop indicates a graphic card installed inside your laptop. But it becomes a major issue of missing NVIDIA control panel, don’t panic. It is a major issue faced by many users. The issue can be resolvable NVIDIA set the ball rolling in visual computing technologies.

Which provided astonishing interactive graphics on workstations, personal computers, game consoles, and mobile by following few methods. The main motto of this article is to resolve the issue. Go through the article for exciting information and methods to overcome the issue.

What is NVIDIA Control Panel Missing error?

Missing the NVIDIA control panel in a laptop creates a major issue regarding graphics. which plays a crucial role in every field related to visualization, animation, drawing.

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Then it would be become a problem for the uses. In the past, this issue was complicated. But now it becomes so easy to solve it just by following the few methods.

What Causes the NVIDIA Control Panel Missing error?

Users who faced this problem may be burning with curiosity to know the reason behind the missing of the NVIDIA control panel on their laptop. Here is the reason for the issue.  Outdated software would be the reason for the missing.

Sometimes due to updating the system, there may be the chance of NVIDIA control panel hidden by window. Overclocking GPU leads to missing the graphic driver. In this article whatever might be the reason, you can solve your problem.

How to Fix the NVIDIA Control Panel Missing Error

Many users might be exhausted to follow complicated methods that are not even sure that it is will work. Here is a checkmate to your problem. The methods mentioned below are trouble-free.

Method #1 Uninstall & Reinstall the Graphics driver

This might be a major reason for missing because your graphic driver irreconcilable with the system so uninstall and reinstall is the best option to return it back. Here are the steps to be followed how to uninstall and reinstall:

*Open the run window by clicking the windows key and alphabet R. which access the device manager from the control panel

* A dialogue box popup on the desktop enter devmgmt.msc and click .which turn on to device manager.

* Select the display adapter and double click the icon to elaborate the option

* Right-click on the NVIDIA driver you will see a list of options click on uninstall and a dialogue box pop up for your confirmation to uninstall it.

* Select the delete option and the graphic driver gets uninstalled.

* Now restart the system which is must and should be.

Reinstall the graphic driver

* Now you can select the graphic card driver which is compatible with your system.

* Make sure the model and the serial number of your computer.

* As in these articles we are solving the issue in window press the window key and R and a run dialogue box appear.

* Enter “Winver” in the text box and clicks enter.

* Further you will be asked to enter OS registration and build information.

* Here you can select the manufacture of your graphic card, including model and version.

* locate the display adapter there you go, select the appropriate graphic card to your laptop.

METHOD #2 Unhide your NVIDIA control panel

During update or upgrade the system there may be a chance of NVIDIA control panel hidden by windows. Here you can unhide the NVIDIA control panel by following the processor.

*Initial step to be followed is click the windows key and “R” and a dialogue box pop on your laptop.

* To progress the process, you are requested to enter the folder name of a folder, document, or internet resource.

* Type control and press the ok button. This will redirect to the control panel.

* In the control panel at the right corner, you can see a view by option select large icons.

* Select NVIDIA control panel.

* In NVIDIA control panel, search for add desktop context menu in view or desktop toolbar.

* Select the option, to make sure whether NVIDIA control panel added to your desktop and check for the NVIDIA control panel option.

METHOD #3 Restart NVIDIA services on your system

Restart NVIDIA services on your system in the best way when your systems have become corrupt or when the bugs in the window lead this issue.

*Click the window logo key and R which open run dialogue box.

* Type services.msc in the text box and select ok option, which opens the service tab in task manager.

*Select the NVIDIA display container list.

*Right-click on the service and you can see a list of options, click on properties.

*Further select automatic in start-up type, if you didn’t set the option at the beginning press on the stop option and wait for few minutes .click on start and confirm to restart the NVIDIA services on your system.

Method#4 Update graphic driver of your system:

At present technology get advanced just in days, hours, minutes. If you’re idle regarding the updates of your system undoubtedly you will face a problem. If you’re facing glitches in graphics make sure the information regarding updates. Follow to steps below to update your graphic driver.

*Click on window key and R button, RUN dialogue box open.

* Enter   “devmgnt.msc.” and press enter.

* Click on device manager and select display adapters right-click on your graphic card

* select properties.

* For update option click on the driver and later on update driver option.

*Click on the search automatically for updated driver software option.

*Your graphic driver gets updated.

Method #5  Do not overclock your GPU

Overclocking your GPU, which may lead to glitches in graphics or damage to your laptop. Overclocking is a process where you change the frequency and the speed of your processor to a high value and above the threshold settings.

By overclocking the  GPU  speed, temperature increases, and the heat is used to boost up the speed which leads to causes of flames to your laptop. This method is like just risking your whole system. So better not inculcate the method. Make sure that your GPU is running at a certain speed (base speed).

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In verdict

Graphics an aesthetic visualization technology, but when you face an issue regarding graphics and unable to outline the situation is quite annoying. These articles will help you to solve your issue.