33 Best Sites Like ‘HDMoviesPoint’ Alternatives

Good news for all you binge-watchers! Got you alternatives to watch your favorite movies, shows, TV series, and much more. Adding more to it, that too in High Definition! In the Era where platforms like Netflix and many more similar apps have taken over, such as HDMoviesPoint.

Here are alternatives through which you can browse the same without the need for a subscription/premium account. There are various sites as well as links that provide the opportunity of browsing content directly, from every single genre.


For quite obvious reasons not all may have access to premium accounts or platforms that require subscriptions. There’s always a % of the audience that finds even the lowest payments difficult to manage. Therefore, some alternatives let you do so.

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The website HDMoviesPoint is well known for downloading Hd movies online. According to RepublicWorld.com, the website is known for downloading & uploading movies, shows, and other copyrighted content illegally. So far there have been no reports regarding the website facing charges. (via. RepublicWorld)

33 Best Alternatives to HDMoviesPoint

Here is a list of alternatives to HDMoviesPoint:

1. Movies2k 

A website that allows you to watch any HD movie It features the best movies for you without you having to pay a single thing. It is likely a website that has been the best torrent website worldwide. The site also has its app that makes browsing easy and comfy, making it an alternative to any other paid platform. * A hassle-free alternative website of HDMoviesPoint that is without ad pop-ups*

2. Vidics

Another such website for films, TV shows, News, and much more. All you need to do is select what Genre you want to watch from the genre drop down A perfect site for classics. Besidesmovies& shows, you can also get information regarding your favorite stars, adding to it, there’ a separate news wall too.

3. MovieWatcher

Third Alternative website of HDMoviesPoint is MovieWatcher. The website has access to multiple language content, which means more than one. Not only it allows you to stream your movies online but also downloads the content free. Although it may contain pirated material, that does not bother the user’s privacy, etc. From horror to drama, romance to action, all on a single website.

4. MoviesFree

A website that allows you to download and stream like all the other websites. A site created in 2016, streaming high quality for free, and of course, it is ad-free, faster, and better. At times the site may crash, but then you have alternatives such as HDMoviesPointand  Movies4you. etc.  right?

5. Movies4you 

Another such alternative to HDMoviesPoint is This website allows the users to stream movies and TV shows! Giving the users a wide option to choose from such as Movies4you TV shows”, ” Movies4you download top IMDb movies”, The site as yet has not faced any criminal charges, so you’re free to watch any movie you want.

6. HouseMovies

The site offers movies and web series on its site for its users to download and watch it for free. At the time of its launch, it published only Hindi content, but with due course of time after gaining popularity it started publishing Tamil, Telugu, and other language movies and series. Like all the other sites to put to your, knowledge HouseMovies is an illegal website too, still allowing you to watch whatever you want.

7. WolowTube

This is a quite popular movie and TV show search Unlike other sites this search engine only offers high-quality HD streaming. It is at your convenience if you’d like to download or stream movies online.

8. Fmovies

As you open the site you’re absolutely in a right The first page itself has a search bar, type in the movie you want, and you’re ready to browse your movie for free in High definition!

9. Movies planet 

A one-stop station for all the latest movies in single From latest releases like Batman Vs Superman to much more. Like many similar platforms, watch online or also download to your pc.

10. Tinklepad

An alternative to HDMoviesPoint for watching the latest releases online, tinklepad may at times have a lot of ad pop-ups, that becomes quite disturbing. Like every site that offers free online streaming, tinklepad may be a little worrisome. So if there’s a new user, every single release is just a click away.

11. Xmovies8

A site that allows the user to stream and also submit their streaming links too besides streaming HD movies. With a user-friendly interface, Xmovies8 lets you stream out of a huge collection of movies and shows, absolutely ad-free. No extra charges, no subscriptions, just binge-watch!

12. Megashare9

To make it different from other websites, the site does not have movies to download or stream online but instead provides the user available links from where their desired movies could be available free of cost. Not only does the site provide movies, but your favorite TV shows and series at a single

13. Niter

Something better than nothing? Not having movies to stream/watch is better than having a few options in hand. Unlike other sites, Niter does not give the users a thousand options. What makes it different? It allows the creative users to get their movies, etc published!

14. Watch5S

Need to watch a movie but not sure if it’s worth watching? Watch5S lets you do The site has IMDb ratings that clearly shows if movies have been a hit or a flop, so you don’t end up wasting time on a flop movie. Recommended videos, movies, shows anywhere in the world.

15. CMoviesHd

The site does not have a database or an interface that directly lets you stream HD movies online, but contain a referral link attached from where you could have access to your desired movies. To note: The site is eighteen plus, recommended by users to be choosy while going through sites they’re going to browse movies from.

16. HugeMoviesdb

One of the most prominent database for movies it is known for! Be it your old movies, or the new releases you’d like to watch, this site offers you the same completely free of cost. No account is needed, just a simple site that permits you to, browse any genre online.

17. YesMovies

Browsing this site may be or not be legal in your location, but keeping in mind the option of browsing free movies, this website is completely safe to do so. Explore shows, movies, documentaries all at one stop, for free. yesMovies is another great replacement for HDMoviesPoint.

18. Watch-Free 

If you’re a cinema lover, this website is completely for you! The dark interface makes it so nice and interesting to binge-watch any movie you want without even being worried about your eyesight. Name a movie of any genre, you have it all here! Drama, sci-fi, action. The site provides the user with daily updates, new releases, and television like a cinematic experience.

19. Online movies cinema

If the users are looking for entertainment and are not willing to pay any price, this is the stop. Hassle-free, no registration processes, and not even card details. Stream the latest Hollywood movies, free of cost.

20. Movie Zoot 

At times it becomes fuzzy to watch movies on your smartphone, and you wish to watch your movies on a PC! This is a site you should be looking It allows the user to browse wherever they want, anytime anywhere. No worries because the site provides the user not a single, but multiple options to browse through. HD streaming as well as browsing makes the watch a better experience.

21. See Hd 

A website proving to give the users a better experience, pops up a pre-warning, that, ” the user may be accountable for any inconvenience in case of the malicious ” See HD, only features high-quality movies. Legal links for a better experience!

22. Putlocker9

A site that allows it’s users to download, stream, and to get information about the film, sounds interesting! The website is not originally like the original Putlocker”.The search bar on the main page is what makes it have a user-friendly interface, so you don’t need to look/search for your movies from a drop-down list, but just type it in the search bar, and you’re all set to watch your favorite.

23. Megashare

Megashare is another such alternative to HDMoviesPoint that lets their customer’s stream/browse/and download Movies, TV Series that too in HD absolutely at no cost! In a mood for any movie, be it any language, anywhere in the world, megashare has multiple language options too!

24. Vimeo

This website delivers to its customers extremely fun and amazing content, Viooz also allows the user stream online movies, and of course HIGH DEFINITION! Even though the site may not produce its original content, it still stands out to deliver full-length movies without dropping down the quality! Isn’t that amazing?

25. Solar Movies

If you’re looking for HD movies over the web, then solar movies could be a right stop for Like other sites it doesn’t keep the videos on its servers mainly but also gives the live connections to download whatever you want.

26. Movies4k 

By the name of the site itself, you get to know that the content is going to be in the best highest quality available! Not only downloading but the website has the fastest streaming So many features all in one, how could they not add a feature to have several languages for it’ users from everywhere.

27. 123movies

One of the most famous movie streaming platform, such as HDMoviesPoint, that enables the users to browse/search/watch and stream movies in HD-quality.Having the largest movie collection is what makes it so different because not every movie is available on every platform.

The various options that simply makes it easy to use and search for are something worth using. For example, you sort movies by any category, genres, years, and more to add to it, even country!

28. LosMovies

A site with several movies. If you’re someone who wants to watch classics, but you do not get the quality you want, then LosMovies is all for you. This is a website that allows the users to watch from classic to every latest video in high-quality. The best alternative to HDMoviesPoint!

29. Prime Wire 

Until now the websites listed above have been ones where the user does not have to make an account, etc. Whereas here, customers will have to create their own Not to worry about any payments but this is simply for the user to be able to like, comment, and vote for the content, if they like it. Enjoyable content to watch and surf through!

30. Putlocker9 

Like all the other alternative website of HDMoviesPoint, the user can discover their favorite video and also a movie, and there you have HD results. Categories include all genres! From Action to Horror Comedy to  Love Story, and much more!

31. GoMovies 

Top-rated movies at no This is something all users long for! The site displays new releases as well along with already released movies. The site could so be illegal as per the user’s location but anyways allows perfect movies, so that’s not a problem.

32. BobMovies 

Here’s another alternative to HDMoviesPoint for free to use movie and television show streaming site! Specially created to stream high definition content, even if you have a low internet connection, isn’t that something awesome already?

33. PandaMovies

Tired of ads anywhere you stream movies? Then this site is what you need. Least amount of interruptions which means no disturbances and hindrances. Hassle-free streaming. Aiming to make it user friendly, the search bar allows you to look for anything you want. The site has the finest selection of top shows and movies.

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All the alternative websites to HDMoviesPoint listed above are almost fraud-free, as no complaints or criminal charges have been registered against them. These have been listed as there is no payment needed to browse and watch any movie you want, in case asked for, you’re advised to quit the site and do not proceed ahead!

Therefore, good news for all you binge-watchers, go ahead and make the most of it!