8 Best Alternatives to ‘Flipagram’ in 2023

Flipagram is a social photo album that allows users to select photos from their Facebook and Instagram profiles and camera roll. Users then create a presentation with their favorite images, text, music, and even a recorded voice narration to assist tell their tale.

Users can also apply effects to photos using an integrated editor. Slideshows can be 15 seconds or 30 seconds long (perfect for Instagram video). It’s a terrific way to relive unforgettable memories from the previous year, commemorate a significant occasion, or honor a long-standing friendship.

Users can share their visual photo slideshows on social media after the order and presentation are complete.

Top 8 Flipagram Alternatives

The program is free, but unless you pay $1.99, a little “Flipagram” watermark displays in the bottom right corner of each slideshow. Children aged eight and up are urged to use the otherwise free app.

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Parents may need to assist younger children when using the app, and they should always keep an eye on their children’s social media activity.

1. PicFlow

If you wish to make a music slideshow, PicFlow will assist you in combining music and photographs to produce a stunning musical slideshow. The most admirable feature about this software is that it gives users the freedom to create their memories. The user has complete control over the images and music, allowing them to construct their slideshow.

This program allows users to adjust the photo display timings and the music timings by setting the slideshow timings. It also enables users to use photographs taken directly from the camera. Users are also permitted to use images stored on their phones.

2. InstaShot

This software is essentially identical to the first, but it also allows you to share your music video with friends or individuals you’ve met through platforms like Instagram.

There’s no need to crop or format the slideshow. Make a musical slideshow and post it to your page. Users can use this program to make one of the best slideshows by adding text messages, movies, and photos. People who wish to make Dubsmash videos should use this app.

3. Slideshow Maker

As the name suggests, Slideshow Maker is an app that works similarly to Flipagram and allows users to combine movies and music to make a beautiful slideshow. You may also utilize advanced options to personalize your slideshow and make your music videos stand out from the crowd. Flipagram is comparable to this app.

There is no limit on how many photos can be added, so users can add as many as they want. Instant video playback is an option. Can add Styles and other sliding effects. I can add stickers. Can add various soundtracks. Can add text.

4. MakeMyMovie

MakeMyMovie is an advanced slide-making program, similar to Flipagram, that lets you produce professional videos. This app allows you to add themes and photos directly from your smartphone’s library or gallery.

You may now choose photographs, add music and themes, and share them with your friends and family via the internet. This program allows you to create a beautiful background by selecting from an infinite variety of themes. You can also give the photo or video you choose a unique title. The slideshow is now complete and ready to be shared on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

5. MiniMovie

MiniMovie is an excellent alternative if you’re seeking some free slideshow-making software. This is one of many apps similar to Flipagram. The sole difference between minimovie and Flipagram is that users of minimovie have access to a professional tool for creating videos and slideshows.

May generate slides in portrait or landscape mode, and the face detection option allows you to modify your photos effortlessly. It’s simple to share on social media networks. Option for musical background. A large image selection of up to 100 images is available.

6. VideoShow

VideoShow is a video editing program that allows users to produce professional-looking videos with minimal effort. You can construct short or long-duration videos because there are no time limits. This program has practically all of the tools needed to build a great video, including unique text, musical backgrounds, and more. Filters to improve videos and Emoji to express the content of your video better.

7. VivaVideo

It’s a free video editing app for Android that allows you to work with videos and photos to make your video montage. You can pick whether you want to shoot a video directly from the app or go straight to the montage phase using photographs and videos from the main menu of VivaVideo: Free Video Editor.

If you go with the second option, you’ll have to decide which films and photographs to include in the video. With its simple video editing interface, you can create a unique look for your video. You may use it to add photographs, filters, music, animated stickers, text, typefaces, and a lot more. You have the option of making a video collage.

8. Triller

Triller is an excellent alternative to Flipagram, and unlike Flipagram, it does not contain watermarks. You may add music to your films and share them with your friends right away.

Triller software has a feature called “shots” that is not available in many other apps. This function allows you to record short video shots in various poses, locations, and filters blended into one film when you click on the thriller logo.

Produce high-quality music videos. Add Instagram-style filters by selecting from a variety of options. Can share videos with groups, and an auto-edit tool is available. You can also add text, emoticons, and drawings to the video.

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It would be easier for you to select the ideal app that meets your wants and requirements now that you are aware of the Top 8 applications that perform similarly to Flipagram. Can download any of the apps we have described simply by going to the app’s selected version. We hope you found this article informative; if you have any suggestions for improvement, please post them in the comments section below.

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